All The Edges I Can Fall

All The Edges I Can Fall

Released on December 16th 2022.

1. All The Edges I Can Fall (Groth)
2. All The Edges I Can Fall (Extended Remix) (Groth)

Piston Damp is:
Jonas Groth
Truls Sønsterud

Written by Jonas Groth

Recorded,arranged, produced and programmed by Piston Damp at Brakka Studio, Tveter

All vocals arranged and recorded by Jonas Groth at Love Studio, Greåker

All tracks mixed by Magne Johansen at MJAudio

All tracks mastered by Ole-Espen Kristiansen at Studio +/-

PD logo: Espenoo

Cover: Jonas Groth and Trygve Sørli

Production office: Per Aksel Lundgreen

Worldwide digital distribution by Sub Culture Records