Making The World Great Again – LP w/ bonus track

Making The World Great Again – LP w/ bonus track

'Making The World Great Again' is the Piston Damp debut album and released on June 10th worldwide. It includes guest appearances by Computorgirl and Jonas' brother Stephan Groth (Apoptygma Berzerk) among others.

Piston Damp's debut album 'Making The World Great Again' was recorded from 2020 to 2021. It includes special album versions of the previously released singles 'Something In Me', 'Loose Ends' and 'Runaway'. Jonas' brother Stephan appears performing vocoder on 'Hearts On Fire', and Benedicte 'Computorgirl' Sveinsson appears with guest vocals on the track 'Don't' which also appeared as a b-side on the 'Loose Ends' single.


A1. ШУМ (Sønsterud)
A2. Hearts On Fire (Groth)
A3. Runaway (Groth)
A4. Don't (Groth)

B1. Something In Me (Groth)
B2. Depth Of Your Eyes (Groth)
B3. Factor Out (Sønsterud/Groth)
B4. Never Thought It Would End (Groth)

C1. Making The World Great Again (Groth)

C2. Loose Ends (Groth)
C3. Sacred Secret (Sønsterud/Groth)

D1. Re-Shaper (Groth) (BONUS TRACK)
D2. Testimony (Groth/Sønsterud)
D3. Another Pain (Groth)

All songs arranged, recorded and produced by Piston Damp
Jonas Groth – vocals, programming, bass (A4), guitar (D2)
and sampling
Truls Sønsterud – keyboards, programming, vocals (A2),
drums (D3) and sampling
Benedicte ‘Computorgirl’ Sveinsson – additional vocals (A4)
Stephan L. Groth – vocoder (A2)
Andreas Groth – additional vocals (A4, C2)
Elisabeth Groth – additional vocals (C2)
Emilie Aurora Groth – additional vocals (C2)
Lilli Sønsterud – additional vocals (C2)
Hanna Sønsterud – additional vocals (C2)
Siri Solvang - additional vocals (C2)
Tarjei Nysted – violin, viola, cello and bass (B2)
Kaja F. Pettersen – cello (B2)

Cover artwork by Espen OØ
Band photos by Kine Jensen
Mixed by Magne Johansen (MJ Audio) and Piston Damp
Mastered for digital release by Ole-Espen Kristiansen
at Studio +/-
Mastered for physical release by Morten Lund
at Lunds Lyd
Digital distribution by Sub Culture Records
Physical distribution by Broken Silence and AudioGlobe