Runaway was written and recorded in demo form in 2001, while Jonas lived with his brother, in Frxta, Norway. This demo was eventually discovered by national radio station NRK P3 and voted “Song of the month” in January of 2005 and has since lived its life on its own in the electronic underground scene. Now, in 2021, the song has been re-sung with new lyrics and totally re-recorded. The single release will include a Single Version, the what-has-become-obligatory Extended Version, and an instrumental piano version.

Runaway has also been remixed by three legendary acts; DIE KRUPPS, MESH and SUBSTAAT, in three very varied remixes, which will assure activity on the various dance scenes when those days return.

The B-side track Re-Shaper is a newly written song about how Jonas sees the many riots and demonstrations in the western world the last few years, as people tend to be extreme in their ways from the get-go and have a zero-tolerance for any other view than their own. The song uses multiple layers of vocal, which has become Jonas’ trademark, inspired by his many years of arranging and vocal producing for other artists (both APOPTYGMA BERZERK and TAKE THAT singer GARY BARLOW have recently used his voice and arrangements on various performances and releases).

Piston Damp – Runaway

1. Runaway - Single Version
2. Re-Shaper
3. Runaway - Mesh Remix
4. Runaway - Substaat Remix
5. Runaway - Die Krupps Remix
6. Runaway - Extended Remix
7. Runaway Piano Étude

Piston Damp is
Jonas Groth
Truls Sønsterud

All tracks written by Jonas Groth
Recorded, arranged, produced and programmed by Piston Damp at Brakka Studio, Tveter
All vocals arranged and recorded by Jonas Groth at Love Studio, Greåker
Except piano on track 7 by Carl Andreas Næss, recorded and arranged by Jonas Groth at
Love Studio, Greåker

All tracks mixed by Magne Johansen at MJAudio
Except track 3, remix by Richard Silverthorn, Bristol.
Except track 4, remix by Jarle Hansen. Mixed by Alex Møklebust at Room 13 studio,
Except track 5, remix by Jurgen Engler and mix engeneered by Chris Lietz
All tracks mastered by Ole-Espen Kristiansen at Studio +/-

Logo, cover and design; Espenoo

Production office; Per Aksel Lundgreen

SOME by Elisabeth Groth

Merch and home office; Lena Sønsterud

Worldwide digital distribution by Sub Culture Records

“Making the world great again”